A nonprofit organization isn’t wasting any time with Domestic Violence Awareness Month right around the corner. Continue reading


A social media storm occurred Wednesday after Snapchat posted a snap story of Tel Aviv on the anniversary of Gaza’s massacre.Many Snapchat users were frustrated since just last year, 1,462 Palestinian civilians were killed after Israel attacked Gaza, Al Jazeera reports.As a result, Snapchat announced to West Bank residents that they would have an opportunity Thursday to showcase what life is like in the West Bank. Continue reading

Snow wasn’t the only thing to hit D.C. by storm this weekend. The models and designers of D.C. Fashion Week’s Haute and Modesty show stormed the runway Friday bringing styles from the East to the West. “I wanted to be part of the fashion scene in D.C. I think it’s growing and I love that […]

Dear World, I’m just an ordinary girl living an ordinary life. I’m a second-year college student studying psychology and a part-time teacher who volunteers with a nonprofit organization and dabbles in art, blogging and photography. Last week however, I got the biggest wake-up call I could have ever received. Let me begin with last Tuesday […]

A local Chapel Hill man shot three Muslim students from North Carolina in the head Tuesday. Although the Chapel Hill Police Department say the investigation suggests the shooting was motivated by a parking dispute, as reported by the Washington Post, the Council on American Islamic Relations in a statement urged the police to look further […]

Today is not only the first of a new month, but it is also World Hijab Day. The first annual World Hijab Day was created in 2013 as a way to recognize Muslim women who wear the hijab, the Muslim headscarf worn as a symbol of modesty. The idea behind the movement is to encourage […]

The hashtag, #‎WhoIsMuhammad‬ has been trending worldwide Thursday, in response to the negative portrayals of Islam, Muslims and the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The recent attacks in Paris last week on the French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, has generated hate toward Muslims on social media and elsewhere, with hashtags like #KillAllMuslims. The global Muslim community took to Twitter […]

What started out as a simple ploy to make people laugh quickly became an avenue for good causes and charities to grow. Mohanad Ali Shama is a Palestinian-American father of three who does whatever it takes to take care for his family in Chicago, Illinois. Shama began posting as “MoeShama” on Vine, a new social […]

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Among all the Palestine hashtags circulating the web, one in particular has gained popularity among Muslim youth. Continue reading