Time is the most valuable thing we can give to someone and every person we dedicate any amount of time to, takes a part of us with them when they leave. And the more people we lose, the greater we suffer, the more reluctant we become to let the next person in. But what we fail to realize is that for every person we lose, life gives us someone new, either in the form of someone we already knew or a complete stranger.


I am all for female self-awareness, empowerment and sexual liberation, especially when most of us are brought up in a culture that doesn’t make much room for open and honest discussions in regards to our bodies (my fellow Muslimahs, you know what I’m getting at). So when I witness young girls actively seeking information on […]

I stared at my calendar hanging on the wall in front of me and took a deep breath, hoping this feeling of defeat will soon subside and be replaced by my usual optimism. In three months, I’ll turn twenty-four. Continue reading