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The night is black and as I climb the stairs, I freeze. “Mummy?” she chirps softly. I feel the dread. I don’t want to re-put her back to sleep. I stand still and wait. She blissfully falls back asleep, and instead of feeling the dread, I feel warmth now. Not being needed, not demanded for, […]

A young woman once told me, “I just want my children to be from the sajideen (those who regularly prostrate to God and surrender their affairs to Him).” It was such a simple yet profound statement that has a lingering effect on me till today. Too often we make our children the central focus of […]

I’m always relieved when I go to another mother’s home and see a little mess here and a little mess there.

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Once upon a time, there was a young girl who loved stories. She couldn’t wait for the sky to turn black, the stars to come out and for the moon to shine bright. Night was her favorite time for one reason Continue reading