We’re taking a cruise or running errands. We pass a park, forest preserve, or alley, and Mom suddenly demands that we pull over. Or if she’s driving, she kindly announces we need to stop for a minute. She gets out the car, verifies her suspicion, and starts carefully picking through the weeds. She returns to the car gently handling a healthy bunch of the prized greens, lightly covered in dirt, and is ecstatic knowing she is going to enjoy a spicy salad made up of the greens most people pass off as an inedible weed-purslane!

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If you’ve ever been to Chicago, you know the weather can be a little…confusing. The plus side –you can rock your favorite sandals, umbrella and winter boots all in the same week! When the winter months kick in and you need to give the pumpkin spice a rest, this recipe for homemade chai tea will definitely warm you up. Continue reading

Snacks have become a staple part of the American lifestyle. We snack on the go, in the car, in front of the TV, at the office or in class, and even in bed. Snacking has become a routine part of our day that we eat approximately 600 calories a day in snacks—that’s about one third […]

Summer is winding down, but our garden is still flourishing. Herbs like basil and mint are very simple to grow, even for an amateur gardener. And once they start growing, they don’t stop. Pesto is a quick and easy way to use all those extra herbs, as well as any herbs and greens you have sitting in your fridge. Continue reading

It isn’t new information that portions today are larger than they’ve ever been. Compared to 20 years ago, portion sizes have doubled or even tripled in size. Continue reading

Spicy stewed tomatoes, better known as bandora maqlīyya in Arabic, is a classic dish I grew up eating and continue to enjoy to this day. Continue reading

Do you have a daily nagging sweet tooth that won’t go away? Whether it’s chocolate, cookies, cake, ice cream, pastries, a sweetened beverage, or any other sugary treat, the majority of us have experienced the unstoppable urge to devour something sweet. Continue reading

Dip into seven layers of deliciousness by trying this recipe by Reem Ibreak, a newlywed Business major at the University of South Florida.  This dip would be perfect as an appetizer or snack for your next family get-together or girls’ party.

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Following the trend of Facebook businesses among young Muslim American women, we talked to Aqsa Zubair, a freshman Pre-Med student at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA who started her own business using talent, ambition and Facebook. Continue reading

Sweetgreen is a relatively local food chain restaurant with locations in only D.C., Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania. Continue reading