23 was a whirlwind with so many changes and challenges. I found myself in a constant transition phase whether it was with school, work, or friendships. There’s no doubt that change is the best way to learn about yourself and the world you live in. Last year I posted an article called “22 things I […]

Pumpkin spice lattes, sweater weather, colorful trees, that can only mean one thing — fall is here. Continue reading

Your twenties is the time to find yourself and discover who you are, so they say. But you’ve come to realize it’s not as easy and magical as you previously thought. Continue reading

Time is the most valuable thing we can give to someone and every person we dedicate any amount of time to, takes a part of us with them when they leave. And the more people we lose, the greater we suffer, the more reluctant we become to let the next person in. But what we fail to realize is that for every person we lose, life gives us someone new, either in the form of someone we already knew or a complete stranger.

Laziness and procrastination plague our generation. There are so many distractions that replace important work with more reasons to stay in bed wasting the day. I know for myself personally, there will be days when I have absolutely no motivation to get up, but once I revisited these hadiths it’s been easier to seize the day!

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Until this very day, I cannot ride in the same car as my mom without her asking me to listen to her Quran recitation.. Ever since I was younger, I always remember seeing my mom with her green Quran that she carried everywhere, and I mean everywhere. It was a book conveniently divided into 10 […]

Living on a student budget isn’t easy. Living in New York City, on a student budget is even harder. Especially when on every street corner there are ways to indulge on food, or spend in the name of the latest trends. Initially, I fell for all these marketing tricks: buying pizza around the block, or […]

We search for advice from everyone around us, but it is easy to overlook at the amount of advice and wisdom available to us in the Quran. This month’s blog post is a short entry about how to take what Allah says and make it practical and applicable in our everyday lives. In Surah Nisa, […]

I turned 22 earlier this year and looking back, I really have learned a lot about myself, others and life in general. I’ve experienced more this year than I have at any other age most probably because moving to New York City, leaving home for the first time, and learning to be independent are built-in […]

“But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah Knows, while you know not”( 2:216). Let us not cloud our minds with the convention of love For our time has paralleled such beauty with lust Convinced that the […]

A young woman once told me, “I just want my children to be from the sajideen (those who regularly prostrate to God and surrender their affairs to Him).” It was such a simple yet profound statement that has a lingering effect on me till today. Too often we make our children the central focus of […]

The moment I began college I started to plan my future. From every gruesome detail regarding my academic career and relationships to spiritual goals, I thoroughly planned out and scrutinized the next few years. I was, and still am a planner. Continue reading