Layali Webzine is an online-only lifestyle magazine and blog geared toward young Muslim women.  The magazine is quarterly, free and open to the public.


Our community of Muslim women in the U.S. is diverse, intelligent, beautiful, creative and fabulous.  Since we have such a powerful and growing community of Muslim women, we utilized our resources and created this platform to encourage Muslim ladies in our community communicate, express and learn from one another.

The goal is to have contributors: young ladies in college, and ladies who are married or have careers.  The Layali slogan is “Growth doesn’t happen over one night, but over many.”  Similar to the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child,” Layali aims to help girls and ladies alike grow spiritually, emotionally, and physically by discussing issues that relate to religion, school, careers, marriage, motherhood, health and fitness, food, fashion, travel, relationships, politics and the overall Muslim community.

Ultimately, the magazine and blog are outlets to help one another grow by sharing our experiences, giving advice and uniting through our rich and diverse identities.

Therefore, we invite any of you Muslim American ladies to contribute to Layali Webzine through your experiences, talents and skills.  (For more information on contributing, please visit the Contribute page).

Please remember, this is a webzine for you, about you and by you.


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Please email us at layaliwebzine@gmail.com for any questions and inquiries regarding advertising.

Just a reminder: The views expressed by the authors on this Website do not necessarily reflect the views of this Blog or of Layali Webzine.


Layali Team


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