23 was a whirlwind with so many changes and challenges. I found myself in a constant transition phase whether it was with school, work, or friendships. There’s no doubt that change is the best way to learn about yourself and the world you live in.

Last year I posted an article called “22 things I learned at 22” (http://www.layaliwebzine.com/22-things-i-learned-at-22/). I decided to continue with that tradition and share what I’ve learned since then. So here are 23 things I learned from being 23.


  1. Having faith isn’t easy

Trusting God and having faith in him is easier said than done. In order to “have faith” you need to actively work towards telling yourself to trust God and ultimately change the way you think. We condition ourselves to put our faith or trust in other people or things forgetting that God is in control of it all.

  1. You are your biggest fan

No one is going to want the best for you more than yourself. Push yourself towards your goals and you’ll notice that your confidence will rise.

  1. You control your reactions

Feeling emotions is normal and at times out of your control. What you can control is the reaction you choose to express with words or actions due to these emotions.

  1. Care for your body

Whether that means staying fit and eating healthy or washing off that makeup after a long night. Make sure you’re caring for your biggest blessing, a healthy you!

  1. Find novelty in your everyday routine

Life can get boring so find new ways to create excitement in that mundane routine you’ve got going. Maybe change up your lunch or take a different route to work. You could even stop by a new coffee shop or take a peaceful walk on a new trail.

  1. It’s okay to take a break from friends

When you’re an introvert (like me), and even if you’re not, it is normal to need space from social obligations and friends. Not only will this help you value your time with your friends more, but it will also keep your friendships healthy.

  1. You cannot erase your past experiences

Life is not a word document in which you can delete the parts you don’t like. Realize you have learned from even the most negative experiences. But, in doing that become strong enough to face any reminders of them.

  1. Prayer and patience work hand in hand

Prayers won’t always be answered instantaneously and this can cause anxiety and fear. Remember this formula Prayer + Patience = Peace.

  1. You are tested with what you love most

Prophet Ibrahim loved his son very much and God tested him with that exact relationship as a sacrifice. He tests us with what we want most because he knows we will not give up during the struggle. Plus, through these tests we are brought closer to God and shown that nothing should compete with our love for Him.

  1. Actively work on your shortcomings

Always work on bettering yourself. Not only does this count as self love but you’ll notice these improvements will slowly become consistent and habitual.

  1. Don’t let one failure trigger another

Move on and do better after a setback. Do not allow one failure to turn into a domino effect. Use it as motivation to do bigger and better.

  1. Show up for your friends

Support your friends in their time of need or when they need that extra push. Cheer them on because I can assure you, they’ll happily return the favor.

  1. Forgive others

Grudges are no good. And holding anger or hatred in your heart is more damaging than you think.

  1. Forgive yourself

You will make mistakes. It is part of being human, but if you can’t forgive yourself you’ll never be able to improve and make a change.

  1. Encourage others

Building others up builds you up.

  1. Choose your words wisely

What you say is longer yours to interpret; it’s everyone else’s.

  1. Never settle

Never settle for the lesser version of the person you have the potential to be.

  1. Seeking advice doesn’t always mean you have to take it

You can chose who influences your decisions but the only person making that decision should be you.

  1. Trust your intuition

Don’t doubt your gut. That feeling is there for a reason, so don’t ignore it.

  1. Don’t rush your life; timing is important

Everything unfolds in a timely manner so be patient.

  1. Flip the switch

Don’t anticipate negative outcomes.

  1. Read more books

Take time to pick up a book and read for a bit everyday. This will help you disconnect the outside world and open your mind in way you wouldn’t expect.

  1. Pamper yourself; it’s okay to take a break

Self love and care are extremely important. Netflix and paint your nails, you deserve it.







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