Pumpkin spice lattes, sweater weather, colorful trees, that can only mean one thing — fall is here.

If you’re a fall-lover and want to take full advantage of the season, here are 10 outdoor activities to dive into, after the crunchy pile of leaves of course.

1) Go to a pumpkin patch.

Depending on where you live, take your family or friends on a road trip to a pumpkin patch. While there, choose pumpkins for decorating, cooking and baking. Make a competition out of it and see who can find the biggest or smallest pumpkin. At the very least, you walk away with a fresh, organic pumpkin.

2) Maneuver through a corn maze.

Get a group together and get lost in tall stalks of corn as you try to find your way out. Some corn mazes are sculpted into famous people or movies. So if you’re into that, you can check out this corn maze immortalizing singer Taylor Swift in Maryland.

3) Pick apples from the orchard.

Why go to the grocery store when you can pick apples straight from the tree? Make a trip out to a local orchard and pack a picnic basket. When you need a break from picking, take out your picnic basket and indulge. Some orchards offer apple butter making, apple cider juicing and dessert sampling, in addition to the apple-picking.

4) Decorate pumpkins.

Take the pumpkins you picked from the patch and decorate them with chalk, paint, etc. For painting ideas, click here.

5) Go on a hayride.

Hayrides are a great option if you have small children with you. They can experience and explore the land without getting tired. Hayrides are usually offered at pumpkin patches and orchards.

6) Take a hike in the colorful mountains.

There’s no better view of the multi-colored trees than from on top a mountain. Hiking is perfect for seeking contemplation, peace and reflection.

7) Camp out in the woods.

Stressed out? If you’re the adventurous, outdoorsy type, then plan a trip to the woods for a peaceful getaway. Alternative: set up a tent in your backyard.

8) Roast s’mores.

Create a bonfire in your backyard, invite some friends over and enjoy the taste of melted halal marshmallows and chocolate.

9) Attend a football game.

Grab some throw blankets, buy hot chocolate and cheer for your local high school team in the stands. This is a great way to bond with your community and meet new families.

10) Go horseback riding.

Find a local farm that offers horseback riding, take a lesson, hit the trail and absorb the beautiful fall scenery.


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