Mariah Idrissi, 23, is a recent college graduate who caused absolute frenzy recently as the new face of the “Close the Loop” H&M ad campaign. The campaign, along with the Global Recycling Initiative, emphasizes sustainability. By collecting and recycling old clothes and turning them into new and updates styles, you help reduce the amount of waste created by throwing away unwanted clothing.

Although she’s known as the ‘hijabi from the H&M ad,” the hybrid Pakistani-Moroccan London-er is “not actually a fashion blogger or anything related to that!” We got to chat with Mariah about how she got this opportunity, her thoughts on the campaign and fashion!

mariah 2

LAYALI: How did you get the opportunity to be involved with H&M’s new campaign?

MI: A friend of mine is a model/acting scout and told me H&M were interested in using me for an ad.

LAYALI: What does the campaign mean to you (“There are no rules in fashion but one: Recycle your clothes”)?

MI: I love fashion and I love to get involved in ways of looking after our planet and the people in it so this campaign seemed perfect.

mariah 3

LAYALI: How do you hope that this opportunity will help normalize the image of Muslims, specifically Muslim women in the mainstream media?

MI: I sincerely hope this campaign has opened the eyes of many people who consider hijab to be oppressive and realize this is not the case at all. Hijab is a choice to free oneself from the pressures the media and society places upon women to use their sexuality in order to attain success. We too can dress fashionably in a way that pleases both ourselves and Allah.

Follow Mariah on Instagram @MariahIdrissi 

photos via Instagram @mariahidrissi


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