Whether you run on Muslim Standard Time or suffer from chronic tardiness, you have been late more times than you’ve been early — and it’s time to accept that.

Here are 13 situations you can relate to:

1) Your only detention in high school is for being tardy — many, many times.


2) When you find out your friends lied and told you to come an hour earlier so you arrive on time.


3) You can put “missing flights” as a skill on your resume.

missing flight

4) You avoid your boss like the plague every morning, praying he/she won’t notice.


5) “I overslept” is always a valid reason.


6) You get called out by professors and you’re awkwardly known as the student who’s always late.


7) You’re so late you might as well have skipped class altogether.

8) You don’t sleep when you have an interview the next morning because not sleeping is better than missing it.


9) You dread that participation grade in classes because of the amount of tardy slips you’ve accumulated throughout the semester.

participaton grade

10) You’ve walked in as the bride was strolling down the aisle, and got dirty looks like you were only dressed in your underwear. *oops*


11) You calculate the amount of time it will take you to get to your destination, even though you are already late. “Maybe if I drive 85 mph I’ll make it at 11:59:58.”

caluculate time

12) You’ve arrived at an event and all the food was gone.


13) “It won’t happen again” is a constant saying for you, except you will inevitably be late once again.

last gif

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