People come in and out of our lives every day.

Strangers quickly weave themselves into the fabric of your life, while seemingly life-long friends become frayed edges.

Time claims the memory of the man you once thought you would marry and death claims the loved one you thought you would never lose. Time is the most valuable thing we can give to someone and every person we dedicate any amount of time to, takes a part of us with them when they leave. And the more people we lose, the greater we suffer, the more reluctant we become to let the next person in.

But what we fail to realize is that for every person we lose, life gives us someone new, either in the form of someone we already knew or a complete stranger. Essentially, when we lose people, we end up losing a part of ourselves, but when we gain someone, we take a part of who they are. That is why as time passes, people constantly evolve. The little things that make up who they are constantly change as the people around them do, and in the midst of our grieving, we forget that this alone should teach us to value both the people who have left us, the people who have stayed and the precious little time we have left.

Here are three lessons losing a loved one can teach you.

  1. Learn to spend time on those with good character. These people will value you as a person, not just the attention you give them.

Take a closer look at your life and your relationships. If someone isn’t positively affecting your life, why are you giving them your time of day? We let complicated relationships mentally drain us because of how long we may have known the person, without realizing that time isn’t a prerequisite to having good intentions toward someone. Relationships should be easy. Yes, every relationship comes with its own set of struggles and requires hard work, but how hard should you be working? When someone no longer has a positive impact on your life, let them go. You deserve better.

2. Learn to spend time on what is important.

Where do you want to be in life? What are your goals? Get your priorities straight and learn to recognize what and who comes first. Every person, every ambition is a potential investment and time is your cash. Invest wisely.

3. Learn to appreciate the present and take advantage of the moment.

As we grow older, we let the people who have left us influence our relationships with the people in our present. Make peace with your past and let it go. Unpredictable hardships and heartbreaks are a part of life, but if you hold on to the people that have gone, you’re going to end up missing out on incredible people and a chance to make wonderful memories. Everyone is allowed to grieve and no one can replace the person you have lost or the way they made you feel, but the point of life isn’t to try to recreate memories and feelings, but to create better ones.

Stop worrying so much about what the future holds; only God can predict that.

If you have a chance to be happy now, seize it.