A social media storm occurred Wednesday after Snapchat posted a snap story of Tel Aviv on the anniversary of Gaza’s massacre.Many Snapchat users were frustrated since just last year, 1,462 Palestinian civilians were killed after Israel attacked Gaza, Al Jazeera reports.As a result, Snapchat announced to West Bank residents that they would have an opportunity Thursday to showcase what life is like in the West Bank.

These are 11 things we loved about the West Bank Life snap story, so far:

1) The guy who can dance

Palestinians may be living under occupation, but they sure can dance. The man from Ramallah breaks out dancing and even in his 10-second video, shows the world a glimpse of the traditional Arab dance, debka.

2) The guy who pointed out the separation wall

Let’s be real. The West Bank is not on the top tourist destinations list of 2015, which is exactly why pointing out the separation wall and the realities of the occupation is important.

3) The fact that Israeli settlements were highlighted

It’s called an occupation for a reason and showing the Israeli settlements in Palestine proved that.


4) Amazing Middle Eastern desserts

Katayef, pancake-esque pastries filled with creme are a Palestinian staple. Talk about mouth-watering.



If #ShawermaThursday really is a thing then we should all move to Betlehem. Forget Subway, these meat-packed sandwiches are way better than a 6-inch sub.


6) Ramadan struggles

Both the guy who shows the iftar time and the hijabi girl who wants to eat the grapes but can’t, we feel ya! “Nope, nope, nope, it’s Ramadan!”

7) Traditional Palestinian dress

The thobe 101 snap featured the intricacies and cultural influence of Palestinian clothing.

8) Kuffeya

“It attempts to symbolize our nationality,” says the young, green-eyed Palestinian girl.

9) Krusty Krab

They have the only Krusty Krab in the world? I would call that an achievement!


10) Street art

In a country that is occupied, the art illustrates the everyday struggles, history and life of the Palestinians.


11) Natural beauty

The dead sea and the city views of Nablus are beyond beautiful.


Visit the Snapchat app to catch the rest of the West Bank snap story. Let us know what your favorite snap was in the comments below.


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