As Ramadan finishes up, wedding season awaits us. When you’re invited to mixed weddings (men and women attendees), it can be slightly frustrating to find the perfect, yet modest outfit. But fret no more. Below are three tips on how to fabulously dress for a mixed wedding.

Tip # 1

Finding long-sleeve dresses that are just as fancy and cost-efficient as sleeveless or strapless dresses is nearly impossible. Therefore, try to create the illusion of wearing a long-sleeve dress by choosing a sleeveless or short-sleeve, not strapless, dress and wearing the long-sleeve top of the same color underneath like I did below.



Tip # 2

If you do end up choosing a strapless dress or a dress with thinner, spaghetti-like straps, don’t despair! To get the most modest look, go for a bolero jacket or a fancy blazer instead. From experience, wearing a skin-tight top under a strapless dress is just not cute.



Tip # 3

Most of the ultra-modest long-sleeve dresses are super simple. So, if you choose to go that route, the best thing you can do to spaz-up your outfit is to accessorize. Adding a rhinestone or metallic belt to the dress’ waistline, wearing a bold statement necklace, or putting on an over-the-top body chain (like I have here) are a few ways to add a little sparkle to your wedding day, or night, attire.



Tell us your favorite, go-to mixed wedding looks in the comments below!


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