Urban fashion chain, MANGO is launching a special collection in celebration of Ramadan on June 8.

Although the Spanish-based clothing chain has been accommodating Middle Eastern fashion for the past 10 years, this is the first collection to be especially dedicated to the holy month of Ramadan. MANGO isn’t the first fashion chain to dedicate a clothing line to Ramadan, however. American fashion chain DKNY launched it’s first-ever Ramadan collection last year, with collaborations by two Middle Eastern fashion bloggers.

MANGO’s collection will consist of “stylish outfits that are also casual, sophisticated and detailed.” Pieces include tops with stone detailing, palazzo trousers great with surviving the summer heat, and long chic dresses.

MANGO’s spin on modesty, however, isn’t reserved for Muslim women alone. The collection is just as fashionable for any fashion market for women. This collection, along with several other fashion designers like Oscar de la Renta’s, turn to modest fashion shows the incredible potential of the Muslim fashion world.

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  1. Very beautiful Muslim Fashion collection. Class & Stylish. Bravo Mango!


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