Laziness and procrastination plague our generation. There are so many distractions that replace important work with more reasons to stay in bed wasting the day. I know for myself personally, there will be days when I have absolutely no motivation to get up, but once I revisited these hadiths it’s been easier to seize the day!


1. The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said “There are two blessings seriously taken for granted (misused) by mankind, health and spare time.” Could this be any truer? In a time where spare time gets filled with endless YouTube videos of cats, and meaningless tweets; the Prophet was spot on. Being young and healthy, both mentally and physically, are certainly reasons to take advantage of that. This is the youngest we will ever be. Seize that.

2. Take advantage of five things before those five things seize you; Your youth before your old age, your health before your sickness, your wealth before your poverty, your spare time before your being busy and your life before you death. This hadith really clicked with me, I remember my parents would always mention this when I was younger. Youth is such a blessing in time and to not take advantage of the energy, ability, and drive we have during our youth would be foolish. Plus, taking full advantage of this will allow us to have sound old age with no lost opportunities or regret. Wealth in my mind could be monetary means or anything Allah has blessed us with; for example intellect. These are other avenues through which we can learn, grow and cultivate our interests as well as remember Allah. As one grows older, mental capacity declines after a certain point and it is important to make use of the mental ability Allah has bestowed upon us before it runs out. Spare time is mentioned again in this hadith, so clearly there is some importance to making use of the time we have. And last but not least, life before death. It is important to accumulate as many good deeds as we can while we are here as well as leave sadaqa-jariya, or continuous charity, behind before we leave this world.

3. Beware of Procrastination for you are (in) today and not (in) tomorrow. If there is a tomorrow for you, be tomorrow as you are today. If there isn’t a tomorrow for you, you will grievously regret the opportunity you missed today. This hadith really reminds us that when we put things off it is a mistake on our end because we may never get to it. There may not be a tomorrow for us or something else may come up. So when you make use of your spare time instead of wasting it, getting things done and not procrastinating happens naturally.

Hira Mirza is Layali’s Advice Blogger. She graduated with a degree in Psychology and Biology from the University of Houston. She currently attends New York University for graduate school and hopes to serve in the healthcare field in the future. She is one of four sisters and resides in New York City.


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