Snow wasn’t the only thing to hit D.C. by storm this weekend. The models and designers of D.C. Fashion Week’s Haute and Modesty show stormed the runway Friday bringing styles from the East to the West.

“I wanted to be part of the fashion scene in D.C. I think it’s growing and I love that they actually have a space for women who are dressing modestly,” says Salma Jordan, founder, designer and CEO of Tarb, an online accessories store.

The Haute and Modesty show was held at the District Architecture Center in Washington, D.C. Taking place every September and February, the show has been a part of D.C. Fashion Week for four seasons now.

Watch the recap video below:

Organized by Areej Fashions and Brama International, the event showcased vendors, designers, stylists and models.

Jordan, one of the vendors, started her online store three years ago.

“I really wanted to design clothing for Muslim women and then I fell into designing accessories because I think everyone can wear accessories, no matter what size you are or what you look like,” Jordan says.

Although Jordan designs handbags and jewelry at the moment, she hopes to start a clothing line in the next couple of years.

Modest fashion stylist, blogger and creator behind The CMB Collection and blog, Hakeemah Cummings, was also at the show. As lead stylist, Cummings featured designs from Hazanah, Urban Modesty, Artizara and more.

This is Hakeemah’s favorite look she styled. The dress is from Tru Designs (Philadelphia) and the hijab is from Hazanah (The Netherlands).


Photo Courtesy: Hakeemah Cummings

“As a Muslimah, I take what I love about fashion, and I leave the rest,” Cummings says.

Although Cummings has been involved with the Haute and Modesty show for three seasons now, she says it’s not important for Muslim women to have fashion shows like Haute and Modesty, despite the benefits.

“I think what is ultimately important when it comes to Muslim women and hijab, is that we feel a strong connection to the core reasons why we wear hijab or cover modestly,” Cummings says.

At the same time, Cummings says these events can be a source of inspiration to others, especially those who see that beauty doesn’t have to be entirely sacrificed by hijab.

See pictures from the show below:

Story by: Omama Altaleb


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