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Editors’ Letter:


Growth doesn’t happen over one night, but over many.

With a new year comes a new you. As cliché as the saying is, we like to think we can become a new, more reformed version of ourselves, and we can.

No, we aren’t necessarily talking about making a long list of resolutions that will only make you feel bad when you don’t accomplish all of them.  But instead, come up with ONE thing that you would like to change, or enhance.  Chances are, if you focus on this one goal, you will be encouraged enough to attempt your other goals.

Taking the initiative to be active in your own life pursuits and goals isn’t easy, but it can still be done.  Ainee Fatima, (on the cover and on pg. 20), is an activist in her own kind of way. As a poet, feminist, student and a self-proclaimed rebel, Ainee doesn’t wait for others to define who she is. Instead, she leads social media movements like #LifeOfAMuslimFeminist to let Muslim women themselves, define who they are.

Although as Muslim women we have similar goals, like improving our prayers or reading more Quran, we also have different, more specific goals.  Some of us may want to clean up our LinkedIn profiles to find our dream job (pg. 12), or try to overcome jealousy (pg. 74).

The point is, no matter what goals we have — whether it’s putting a stop to rape culture (pg. 64), or eating healthier foods (pg. 26) — we should make this year the year to reach at least one of those goals.

Keep faith,

Omama Altaleb & Rawan Elbaba


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